LASTEST RESULTS /论文与专著(2019)

1.     吴信东,董丙冰,堵新政,杨威,数据治理技术,软件学报, 201909期,2830-2856.

2.     Jing Zhang and Xindong Wu, Multi-Label Truth Inference for Crowdsourcing Using Mixture Models, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, accepted, to appear.

3.     Huiting Liu, Lili Wang, Peng Zhao, and Xindong Wu, Document Specific Supervised Keyphrase Extraction with Strong Semantic Relations, IEEE Access, accepted, to appear.

4.     Huan Wang, Jia Wu, Wenbin Hu, Xindong Wu, Detecting and Assessing Anomalous Evotionary Behaviors of Nodes in Evolving Social Networks, ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data, accepted, to appear.

5.     Hao WangZhaolong LingKui Yu, Xindong Wu, Towards efficient and effective discovery of Markov blankets for feature selection. Inf. Sci. 509: 227-242 (2020).

6.     Yi Zhu, Xindong Wu, Peipei LiYuhong ZhangXuegang Hu, Transfer learning with deep manifold regularized auto-encoders. Neurocomputing 369: 145-154 (2019).

7.     Minghui Wu and Xindong Wu, On Big Wisdom, Knowledge and Information Systems, 8(2019), 1: 1-8.

8.     Jipeng Qiang, Yun Li, Yi Zhu, Yunhao Yuan, Xindong Wu, Jipeng Qiang, Yun Li, Yi Zhu, Yunhao Yuan, Xindong Wu, Lexical Simplification with Pretrained Encoders, Proceedings of AAAI-2020, accepted, to appear.

9.     Shengwei JiChenyang BuLei Li, Xindong Wu, Local Graph Edge Partitioning with a Two-Stage Heuristic Method. ICDCS 2019, 228-237.

10.  Fei Jie, Chunpai Wang, Feng Chen, Lei Li, Xindong Wu, Block-Structured Optimization for Anomalous Pattern Detection in Interdependent Networks, Proceedings of ICDM 2019, 1138-1143.

11.  Xindong Wu, Jia Wu, Xiaoyi Fu, Jiachen Li, Peng Zhou, Xu Jiang, Automatic Knowledge Graph Construction: A Report on the 2019 ICDM/ICBK Contest, Proceedings of ICDM 2019, 1540-1545.

12.  Di Wu, Yi He, Xin Luo, Mingsheng Shang, and Xindong Wu, Online Feature Selection with Capricious Streaming Features: A General Framework, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2019.

13.  Tingting Jiang, Chenyang Bu, Yi Zhu and Xindong Wu, Two-stage Entity Alignment: Combing Hybrid Knowledge Graph Embedding with Similarity-based Relation Alignment, PRICAI 2019, August 26-30, 2019, Yanuca Island, Cuvu, Fiji.

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